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Your home is our focus

We strive to be Stockholm’s best player in corporate apartments. The inspiration for our homes is drawn from the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. Living with us should be safe and homely – with proximity to the city center.


Our vision of corporate apartments

Through Wyrdd Properties, we strive to fill a gap in the market concerning companies in need of accommodation. It should be easy for you as a company to find a home for yourself or your employees. Regardless of whether you are an established company, growing startup or employee, you can to turn to us for a comfortable home over longer periods. We support Swedish growth by doing what is in our power to improve both employment rates and integration. By offering rental apartments to companies, we also liberate the market for the rest of the population and thus create double benefits for society.
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For companies

The prevailing housing shortage in Stockholm is a disadvantage when your company is competing for skilled employees. The housing shortage for companies is especially applicable in Stockholm, which is one of the world's leading cities in tech and other growth industries. Wyrdd Properties wants to be a solution to the problem by leasing out corporate apartments in Stockholm.

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For Swedish business development

In 2018, one in five companies had difficulties recruiting because the employee couldn't find accommodation. Industries such as tech, biotech, healthcare, eduction and more are suppressed in their development. We want to promote growth by offering companies housing solutions with fair conditions. In this way, we contribute to strengthen Sweden’s position as an attractive alternative for businesses, which benefits everyone.


Our values

We want our business to be characterized by good values and good service. Thus, we do our best to make sure our tenants feel satisfied, safe and fairly treated.

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For us, it is natural and obvious to treat all of our clients and tenants on an equal basis, regardless of their relationship to us and our rental properties.

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We build trust through transparency and availability. We believe that honesty and personal relations creates trust and brings safeness for our clients, tenants and partners.

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We work for a better tomorrow. Being environmentally conscious and thinking sustainably permeates our attitude, our way of work, and our choice of properties.

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We are creative and we are always striving to become a better lessor. Through our innovative approach, we create dynamic solutions that are in line with your company's specific requirements.


We take a stand for the environment and sustainability

The environmental debate is not new to us and we believe that everyone should take responsibility for their climatic influence. At Wyrdd Properties, we are on a daily mission to minimize our emissions with the help of high energy classes and green properties. Together with our tenants, we work for a better environment.

Green properties

Wyrdd Properties works for more sustainable real estate solutions. The climate is a highly topical issue and as a new player in the real estate market, we want to raise the green standard. As a result, we strive to only work with properties that are classified as “green properties”. To achieve this, we follow the guidelines from ICMA. This means that the projects must contribute with environmental benefits and meet regional, national and international standards and certifications. Our goal is to make sure that all of our homes carry energy class A, B or be Nordic Ecolabelled.

Energy classifications

Energy classification A means a low energy consumption, energy classification G means a high energy consumption. Properties built with today’s requirements must have the energy classification C. Energy classification A means that the energy usage is less than 50 percent of the requirements for a new building. Energy classification B means that the energy usage is equal to 50-70 percent of the requirements. The “Nordic Ecolabel” is based on a life cycle perspective. It considers the energy usage and whether or not the property satisfies the requirements set for environmental, and health, friendly construction products. E.g. it considers the materials and chemical products used. The “Nordic Ecolabel” ensures a good indoor environment with low emissions along with a quality-assured construction process.

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We are happy to help you find your new accommodation. Take a look at our homes to see if we have what you’re looking for. If you are unsure of what matches your needs, then you are more than welcome to contact us.

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