Frequently asked questions

Vi vill att du ska ha en så enkel och smidigt upplevelse med oss som möjligt. Nedan har vi därför listat våra kunders vanligaste frågor tillsammans med respektive svar. Om ni inte hittar det svar ni söker är ni varmt välkomna att kontakta oss.

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The easiest way to rent a corporate apartment is to use our residence explorer to find the right unit for you. Then, you can choose to either sign the rental agreement online or to register your interest in the apartment. If you choose the register your interest instead, then we will get in touch with you to sign it together. Once it’s signed by both parties, you are rightfully renting the apartment. If you choose the register your interest instead, then we will get in touch with you to sign it together.

To register your interest or to search for apartments is free of charge. It doesn’t cost you anything. However, once you rent an apartment you are expected to pay for the monthly rent. The prices vary depending on size and location.

You may rent a corporate apartment from at least 6 months and up.

The monthly rent of an apartment includes the following services:

  • operation costs
  • broadband
  • cleaning (1 session/month)
  • full set of furniture
  • dishwasher (in most cases)
  • washer/dryer (in most cases
    , otherwise shared laundry room)
  • check-in/out service
  • insurance of the apartment
  • assistance
  • electricity

Normally, we have vacant apartments that are ready for immediate occupancy.

Our properties are located in Stockholm’s suburbs. At present, we have properties available in Sollentuna and Spånga.

We offer apartments from 17 sqm up to 77 sqm.

Before your stay

We do our best to keep the renting process as simple as possible. Therefore, our apartments are fully furnished and ready for move-in. Basic services such as electricity, broadband and more is included for your convenience. Therefore, you don’t have to engage in these services and subscriptions. All you need is your personal belongings.

When you are ready to move into your new home, we will meet you on site to make sure you get a proper introduction. On site, we will hand over the keys along with a receipt which you need to sign. Upon check-out you will return the keys to us, according to the receipt you’ve signed.

Yes, we do allow pets in our homes.

Most of our properties have a parking lot. To use the parking space you need to pay the parking fee. To use the parking space you need to pay the parking fee.

The rent is paid every month and it is paid in advance. Meaning, you always pay the rent for the next month.

If you’ve cancelled the apartment on time, according to the agreement, then you don’t have to pay for a full month if the resignation takes place in the middle of a month. In such a case, you only pay for the days you’ve used the apartment.

The apartments are different in terms of layout and interior. We offer both smaller and larger units. Depending on the size of the apartment, the interior also varies. However, we do our best to keep the apartments as uniform as possible.

During your stay

The majority of our apartments are equipped with functional washers and dryers. In case washers and dryers are missing, then the properties are equipped with laundry rooms which are available to all tenants.

In the monthly rent of our apartments we’ve included a free cleaning session. Meaning, every month you get the opportunity to schedule a free cleaning session with us. In the case where you want more than one session a month, then it’s possible to buy more cleaning sessions.

You can easily report any issues and damages to the apartment via our website. If the damage or issue is caused by you and if it isn’t covered by our insurance, then you will be liable to pay for the damages incurred.

Yes, you can always terminate the apartment in advance as long as it’s in accordance with the rental agreement.

It’s allowed to change the interior of the apartment. However, we don’t offer additional furniture, but you are free to buy your own furniture. Please, bear in mind that it is of great importance that the apartment is returned in good shape and that the interior and furniture restored when you move out. It is not allowed to drill holes in the walls or to modify the apartment itself without our permission. If the apartment’s origin is modified without a permit, then you, as a tenant, will be liable for the damages.

If you wish to live with a cohabitant it’s permitted if you inform us about it first. If this is the case, we need the contact information for your cohabitant. It is not allowed to sublet the apartment.

If you experience that you chose the wrong apartment during your stay, it is possible to change unit if we have other equivalent available options. In order to change apartment, you need to pack your belongings, clean the apartment (“flyttstädning”), and restore it’s condition.

After your stay

If you want to end your stay prematurely, then it is important that you inform us in advance and that you do it in accordance with your rental agreement. If you check out as usual, according to your termination date, then you only need to think about taking all your belongings with you.

If you have damaged the apartment and if the damage isn’t covered by our insurance, then you will be liable for the damages. Upon moving in to the apartment, we inspect it with you, and in the same manner we inspect it when you move out. If any damages have occurred during your stay it’s your responsibility and you will be liable to pay for the damages incurred.

When you move in, we make a key handover along with a receipt of the keys you have received, which you have to sign. When you move out, you are expected to return the keys according to the receipt.

When you move out of the apartment, you are expected to bring your belongings with you and to clean the apartment (“flyttstädning”). It is your responsibility as a tenant to clean the apartment. If you happen to forget cleaning the apartment, then you will have to pay for the cleaning. See checklist

Depending on who is responsible for the rental agreement, the scenarios are different. If your cohabitant is the owner of the agreement, then you may move out as you like. However, if it is you who’s the responsible party, then we need to sign a new rental agreement where your cohabitant owns the rental agreement.

Do you still have questions?

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