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10 things to keep in mind when renting a corporate apartment

  1. Lease agreement
    The rental period for our agreements is at least 6 months and up. Most of our agreements are signed for 1 year and extended by the tenant as the end of the agreement approaches. If you wish to extend your agreement, you can contact us via email, then we will create a new agreement which both parties’ sign.
  2. Termination
    You always have the right to terminate the apartment before the contract expires. Normally, the notice period is three (3) months – unless otherwise agreed. For a valid and premature termination, a written notice and an approval from us is required. Afterwards, we mutually agree on a date and time regarding the move-out and the handover of keys.
  3. Don’t make holes in the walls
    It is not allowed to make holes in walls and ceilings. If you, contrary to expectation, still do so, you will unfortunately be liable for damages.
  4. Pets
    We at Wyrdd love animals and are happy to welcome them to live with you in your corporate apartment. However, we would like to be informed about this before moving in.
  5. Furnished
    All our corporate apartments are furnished and equipped with standard set of kitchen utensils, bed sheets and furniture.
  6. Security deposit
    Before you move into your corporate apartment, you are required to pay a security deposit. We keep the deposit in safe custody throughout the rental period. If everything in the apartment is inorder when you move out, we will refund your deposit.
  7. Respect the neighbors
    Treat your neighbors the way you want to be treated. Don’t leave any garbage outside your front door, turn down your music when the clock is running late and respect your fellow neighbors around you.
  8. Entitled to access the apartment
    Wyrdd Properties and its staff have the right to access your apartment during your rental period, provided that something needs to be fixed. You will of course be informed about this in advance and have the opportunity to be present when we need to enter the apartment.
  9. Keys
    On the day of moving in, a key handover will take place and you will receive the keys to your corporate apartment. Upon handing over the keys, we will document the number of keys that you’ve received, and you need to sign a key receipt. Upon moving out, we will take back the keys according to the key receipt you’ve signed, and it is your responsibility as a tenant to keep track of your keys during the rental period.
  10. Cleaning
    Each apartment is cleaned before each move-in takes place, and every month we offer a free cleaning of your apartment. This means we will suggest time slots for the free cleaning session, which you can book. When you move out of the apartment, it is important that it is properly cleaned so that it is hygienic and clean for the next guest. You do this best by booking a professional cleaning company. Bear in mind that the cleaning we offer and the move-out cleaning are not the same and the process is different for the two. Here is an attached list of points to pass regarding the cleaning upon moving out. This will be the list we use in terms of cleaning when we inspect the apartment. If you need help with arranging the cleaning, we can help you with the booking.
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