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Living with Wyrdd

Living with us at Wyrdd should be smooth and easy.

To start renting a staff housing, begin with visiting the residence explorer. In the residence explorer you can see our different options. Once you have found a home that suits you, you can choose between registering your interest, contacting us for a tour, or start renting the apartment online using BankID.

If you want to rent an apartment online, then you will first need to identify yourself with BankID. An agreement is then generated and sent to your email address after you have identified yourself. The agreement is also signed using BankID, but via Scrive. When the agreement has been signed on your behalf, we perform a check to make sure that everything is correct. Once the check has been done and we are satisfied, we will also sign the agreement, and then you become our new tenant.

On your move-in day, we will meet you on site to give you the keys, show you around and answer all your questions. The only thing you really need to remember is to bring your personal belongings with you, since the staff housing is already furnished. You also don’t have to worry about signing any agreements for household electricity, internet, and such.

When you wish to leave your staff housing, it’s just as easy. You only need to bring your personal belongings with you and clean the apartment according to our checklist. If you don’t want to clean the apartment yourself, then you can book the cleaning from us for a fee.

On the day of moving out, we will meet you on site again, but this time we will take the keys back and inspect the apartment together. If everything is in order, you will get the deposit* you paid us back to your account.

If you wish to cancel the staff housing prematurely, before the contract expires, you can easily contact us via email at This is because we need a written notice of termination. After we’ve received your written notice of termination, the contract will be terminated after the notice period has expired.

Renting staff housing in Stockholm is a big step and therefore we value transparent and clear dialogues. We don’t want you to feel that you’re obliged to be tied to us, which is why flexibility is one of the corner stones of our vision.

* The security deposit is paid upon moving into the staff housing and it is kept safe throughout the entire rental period. When the apartment has been cleaned, inspected and everything is in order, then the security deposit will be paid back to you.

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